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‘A parent’s guide to creating world class players and people’
By Ryan Henry and Luke Bourgeois

Why have we written this book?
The journey to becoming an elite tennis player is a hugely fulfilling one for parents and children however there are many pitfalls and challenges that don’t become apparent until you start that journey. This book is about helping parents foresee those challenges and managing and maximising the joy that can be had in the game.

Our belief and from what we’ve seen throughout our careers is that tennis is a life enhancing Voyage and helps set students up for success in life. The following quote is from Jayne Hrdlicka, current CEO of A2 Milk and President of Tennis Australia.

“The keys to success in sport are very similar to the keys to success in business. You have to work very hard, you have to have a good process around how you prepare, how you focus and prepare yourself and train for the delivery of great outcomes.’

Parents are naturally assigned the responsibility of helping their children take advantage of this wonderful opportunity but navigating their child down this complex path can be challenging, often without any background or experience in playing tennis at an elite level themselves.

This can often lead to uncertainty over their child’s future if they don’t find the right balance of tennis and education. Below average tennis outcomes are common and some families experience burnout through inefficient training and competition schedules that can significantly reduce their lifestyles.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. This book will guide parents on how to navigate this pathway so that their child is provided every opportunity to be successful on and off the court. Parents will also be shown how to get the right balance of tennis and education and how to make this pathway one of the most rewarding experiences of theirs and their child life.

Who has written this book?
Ryan Henry and Luke Bourgeois are the co-founders of Voyager Tennis academy and understand the elite player journey from firsthand experience.

Ryan started playing tennis at the age of 4, won multiple Australian national titles, achieved a world number 1 junior ranking in doubles and competed in the Australian Open men’s singles and doubles main draw at the age of 18.

Luke was number 1 in Australia as a junior, won the Junior Australian Open doubles title and competed on the ATP tour for 12 years.  Luke was also coached by Tony Roche and travelled and trained with Roger Federer for 3 years.

Tennis has created some incredible life enhancing opportunities for both Luke and Ryan such as travelling the world, competing in the grand slams, creating many lifelong friends and the personal development that’s acquired through striving to be world class.

Whilst they both had really fulfilling tennis careers, there were a lot of lessons learned along the way and Ryan and Luke are passionate about helping set their students up for the best possible future.

They now run Voyager Tennis Academy in Sydney which specialises in the development of elite players and have helped hundreds of nationally ranked players through the journey, many of whom have gone onto play College or professional tennis.

What will be included in the book?
There are literally thousands of decisions that need to be made along the elite tennis journey that can make a huge difference to how far your child will go in tennis and how successful they become in life outside the court.

This book is about arming every parent with all the information they need around the most critical areas in the journey.

The first part of this book is about making parents aware of all of the opportunities available within tennis, the critical role of the parent and how to balance tennis and education successfully so that children are provided every opportunity to be successful on and off the court. 

The middle part of the book will go through all of the essential player development components such as recommended training, match play quantities, tournament scheduling, Physical development, Psychology, Technical and tactical development and nutrition.

The third part of the book will contain details on how to navigate the pro circuit as well career options to stay involved in the game.

Sections and Chapters
Section 1: An overview of the tennis journey and key considerations for parents.
    1. Why Choose the elite tennis journey
    2. The Pivotal Role of Parents in a Childs Tennis Journey
    3. Achieving an Incredible Education through tennis.
    4. The Power of Setting Goals and Measuring Progress on the tennis voyage.
Section 2: The fundamental requirements for developing a winning tennis game.
    5. Training Volume
    6. Match Play Volume

Section 3: The key development areas that players require.
    7. Tactical Development - developing a game style that wins
    8. Tactical development – applying tactics in match play.
    9. Technical development – developing a robust technique
    10. Physical Development – developing a high performance athlete
    11. Physical Development – fuelling  high performance athlete.
    12. Psychological Development  - building mental toughness

Section 4: After high school or College. Where can tennis lead?
    13. Going Pro, When? How?
    14. Life after tennis